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Kemira name is inspired by Mira, “The Marvellous”. Mira is the most brilliant star of the “variables”. She is admired since the ancient times for her shiny contrail. This star is visible from every point of the Earth and she has a story full of charm and mystery, just like Kemira jewels.

Kemira bijoux are 100% made in Italy. They are young, modern, refined and they have an excellent quality-price ratio. Pier Paolo Carità is 30 years old, keen about sports, sea, travels and Kemira creator.

He is the fifth generation of Neapolitan jewelers and benefits of all the tradition of the historic company “Gianni Carità & Figli S.p.A.” from whom Pier Paolo has inherited talent, determination and business strength. Pier Paolo started to work in the family company after the Economics degree at the age of 24 with his brothers Vincenzo and Giancarlo. Kemira was born in 2010.

Pier Paolo Carità philosophy: <<Kemira is inspired by women that work, study and express daily their femininity. Their tastes change as the fashion changes. It is not important that Kemira collections don’t use precious stones and metals. Kemira women will wear always a unique and elegant jewel. And it will be “precious” in their own way>>.

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